Hi there and welcome to my website! This page is a work in progress (as I am), but I am overjoyed that you are checking it out because I made it myself! I am a Bay Area native and graduate of The Juilliard School. I spent my formative years going to an alternative public school where I planted sunflowers, sang folk songs, and did not learn to do mental math. Some things that are true about me include: I am terrified of butterflies, I am a Barnard College grad, I am obsessed with cookie butter, and I adore Shakira (my hips most certainly do not lie). After years in NYC and LA, I am thrilled to be home.

"My style is more 'ooh, ah, wow, HOW??'... I want to learn with my whole body the ways of this world."

                                                                               -adrienne maree brown

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King lear


SF Shakes

Tropical Leaves



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